Asheville wedding at Biltmore

Hi there, Thanks for stopping in! I am blessed to do this full-time and every wedding I document is a reminder that this is my passion and calling. More importantly, the clients I serve are the reason I do this. It’s about capturing your joyful moments together, happy portraits, love, tears, laughter, and so much more. On your wedding day I am there for you completely — not for me. I am creative for you, I use my talents for you, and I run around like a ninja to get awesome pictures, just for you. I truly believe in delivering you the best experience imaginable throughout the entire process. If I’m just “some guy with a camera” then I am not succeeding. Wedding photography is making you comfortable, getting people to laugh (even under stress), trusting that “this portrait we are taking will be magic”, expecting unexpected things to happen, and documenting your perfect day – no matter what.

My wife and I work together on weddings! Go here: Fete Photography, Asheville Wedding photographer